We offer the complete network monitoring solution

  • A professional solution for all your network monitoring needs
  • A professional 19” server case
  • The perfect equipment model for your needs.
  • Capable and ready to be set-up and operate in a small amount of time.

  • Network Performance Monitor

    Active Real-time Monitors: Real-time monitoring and alerts for device statuses.

    Unlimited Projects: You can create an unlimited amount of projects, and for a better network traffic diagnosis you can group equipment of your network.

    Automatic Network Discovery: This feature automatically discovers your network and saves devices into the respective project.

    24/7 Network Traffic Log: You can access and visualize network traffic log for each device and/or for each network interface.

    Multiple VLANs: Configure the same VLANs you are using in your existing network.

    Monitor Multicast TV Channels: This is the only option available for monitoring IPTV multicast channels.

    Inventory for The Entire Network: With the click of a button, you can export a list of all your network’s equipment that are operating.

    Network and Project-Specific Top Usage Tables: Fully-configurable top usage tables can show CPU usage, memory usage, disk space usage, current response time, package loss, average traffic for all devices, and interface traffic.

    Internet Speed Test: Periodically test your internet connection speed, and it reports if the real speed is under the upload/download configurable limit.

    Implement Customized Options: If you have specific monitoring requirements for your network, we can help you implement them into the Netmap Monitor.

    Custom Device Icons: For better distinction on the building plan, each device category uses differently customized web icons.

    NMM - 100D

    Full options included
    Monitor up to 100 devices.
    Price: 1900 euro
    NMM - 200D

    Full options included
    Monitor up to 200 devices.
    Price: 2300 euro
    NMM - 500D

    Full options included
    Monitor up to 500 devices.
    Price: 2800 euro
    NMM - unlimited

    Full options included
    Monitor unlimited devices
    Price: 3800 euro

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