Network Performance Monitor

Active Real-time Monitors: Real-time monitoring and alerts for device statuses.

Unlimited Projects: You can create an unlimited amount of projects, and for a better network traffic diagnosis you can group equipment of your network.

Automatic Network Discovery: This feature automatically discovers your network and saves devices into the respective project.

24/7 Network Traffic Log: You can access and visualize network traffic log for each device and/or for each network interface.


Our products came from the needs to simplify the concept of network management, and to offer a complete solution for our clients. Our ideas are based on the powerful Linux OS coupled with a user-friendly admin web-interface.
Choosing a zero-downtime supervision and management network solution is important for anyone to make. Our reliable products are based on reliable systems that provide complete monitoring and complex alerts.
  • Our application’s structure is designed so you can create an unlimited amount of projects and so you are able to group devices in various ways.
  • Our full admin web-interface provides you with admin access from any network location and from any device.
  • It offers the option to automatically discover network devices and save them into the respective project, which makes your job even easier.
  • In any project that you created, you can load the building, region, or boat plan and you can position your devices in the exact position where it was installed.
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  • A hardware and software integrated solution.
  • Free 24 / 7 email support.
  • One year of free software upgrades.
  • Completely personalized network analysis.
  • An ALL in ONE solution

    Hardware and software included Monitor everything inside of your network Multiple email and visual alerts Monitor network traffic bandwidth Monitor up/down speed of internet connection SNMP, WMI, Cisco CDP, NMAP monitoring informations Check tcp/udp port availability Top usage table for all important resources Top usage chart for network traffic bandwidth Applications and running services from monitored device Analysis for availability & response time

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