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Frequently Asked Questions about

1.Can I download a freeware test version of NetmapMonitor ?
- Netmap Monitor is not just a software. Netmap Monitor is a professional monitoring and administration solution for your network, and the compact hardware and software is included. For a live demo of our equipments click here.

2. What kind of equipment can be monitored with NetmapMonitor ?
- - Netmap Monitor can monitor all equipment based on TCP/IP communication.

3. What kind of resources are monitored by NetmapMonitor ?
- Netmap Monitor can monitor resources available for SNMP, NMAP and CDP. All of the information is displayed in the administration interface and sent via email to any email address that is configured under the "Settings" menu.

4. How many servers can I monitor with NetmapMonitor ?
-The amount of the servers that you are able to monitor with Netmap Monitor is limited only by the type of equipment you have purchased. Netmap Monitor doesn't differentiate servers or device types.

5. Can an alarm from Netmap Monitor be sent to me by email?
- Netmap Monitor will send an alarm to the email addresses that you configured under the “Setting” menu, and you can also specify the alarms you want to receive.

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